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What is a Life Group?

The desire for our Life Groups at the Hill is to help people find a home in community with other believers as they seek to live Up, In, and Out together.

  • Life Groups typically will meet 1x every 1-2 weeks (2x a month). Meeting much less than
    that becomes hard to create a real sense of community together.
  • The Goal of Life Groups is to create community among each other that has life beyond
    the meeting. The Goal is not just to have and attend Group Meetings but to foster
    relationships that help make a difference in our walk with Jesus.

What does it mean to live Up, In, and Out Together?

  • The Up component involves our worship and intimacy with God. A major focus of our groups should be to pursue spiritual growth by learning from God’s Word
    and identifying His Work in our lives.
  • The In Component consists of the community we develop together as believers in Jesus. We are not called to walk out our faith alone but to grow together. There are many “One another” and “together” verses in the NT – pray together, share meals together, encourage one another, bear one another’s burdens, pray for one another, etc. Simply put, the faith is never a solo endeavor but meant to be fully lived out in community.
  •  The Out Component is about keeping our mission to make a difference in the world always before us in some way. We want to encourage one another to live
    lives that matter for the sake of His Kingdom.

Questions or Comments?

Please reach out to us if you're even the slightest bit interested in being in a Life Group. We look forward to connecting with you!

David Yarborough

Lead Pastor

Ray Owens

Executive Pastor

Living Up, In, and Out. Together.