Our Journey

We are Church on the Hill, a multi-generational and medium-sized church, exalting Jesus over Dalton. Our church facility sits atop a hill in the north Georgia town of Dalton, the carpet industry of the world. Here’s our story of how we got to where we are and who we are.

Beginning in 1949, our new congregation forms downtown as a member of the Evangelical Methodist Church. Those Wesleyan-Holiness roots still shape our commitment to Jesus Christ who saves us, His Spirit who purifies us, and God’s Word as our authority. From those earliest days, God’s faithful hand has covered us through our members’ strong financial generosity and spiritual leadership.

In 1984, we moved from downtown to the hill and built our church facility on five acres of donated land. Over the next 20 years the charismatic renewal sweeps our nation. This renewal impacts us with strong pastoral leadership and many of us coming into Spirit fullness. Even to this day renewal is bringing life, healing, and restoration for our church and community.

Church on the Hill became our name in 2010 as we stepped away from any denominational affiliation. Today the Holy Spirit’s renewing power calls us into a deeper knowledge of who God is and who we are in Christ. The heart cry of this church is revival, starting here and spreading to our community.

We are Church on the Hill, exalting Jesus over Dalton.
Our mandate is simple: worship, pray, renew, heal, witness.

We believe the best is yet to come.