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The Shoe That Grows 

This summer Kids On The Hill is working to raise $375 to send these amazing shoes, that adjust to 5 sizes and last a minimum of 5 years, to kids in Haiti that do not have any shoes that fit or shoes for themselves.  If the kids can raise $375 by the end of August, then I have promised to let them shave my head and color my beard! If you would like to partner with Kids On The Hill to accomplish this goal, please designate your offerings to Kid’s Ministry-The Shoe That Grows.
Chris and Emily Fowler


We want your kids to love church!

Kids on the hill is a place where kids from birth to fifth grade build passionate, intimate relationships with God through worship, bible adventure stories, small groups, and lots of fun and games.


Checking In

We suggest arriving 15 minutes early in order to check in your child and make it to the service on time. You can also choose to pre-register your child online before your first visit.

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